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As a courtesy, here are a few things that should help you and your seller prepare for the shoot

Front / Back Yards

___ Remove all vehicles from driveway
___ Move trash bins to the garage or side of house
___ Grass is trimmed, toys are picked up, poop is scooped
___ Clean off and arrange outside furniture to highlight outside living areas

___ Remove all appliances and clutter from counters
___ Remove all magnets, schedules, personal photos from refrigerator
___ Remove all dishes from the sink
___ Remove floor mats or area rugs

Bedrooms / Living Areas
___ Remove all personal photos
___ Hide all remote controls
___ Make all beds
___ Avoid hiding items under beds.
___ Clear off items on beside, entry, dining, and coffee tables. (magazines, mail, paperwork etc.)

___ Remove floor mats, bath mats, towels
___ Remove all items from shower, bath, and counter
___ Close lids of all toilets
___ Clean shower doors and mirrors

___ Turn off all ceiling fans
___ Check all light fixtures for burnt out bulbs and replace if needed
___ Open all blinds and curtains
___ Move cords out of sight. (lamp, extension, computer)
___ Remove any signs of pets (Crates, water bowls, litter box, etc.)
___ Remove all visible trash cans